Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Grand Parade!

Yes, we were there for Philly's Grand Parade of World Champions.
We were there in 1980 and we were there again yesterday.
But the crowd was far, far bigger this time.
At the spacious intersection of 16th and Market where we stood the crowd was 20 to 30 deep.
Still, by standing on the curb and looking diagonally toward the southeast corner of the intersection we were able to see nearly everything. And it was great to be amidst the crowd.
The weather was perfect - bright sun; mild temperatures. And people were exceptionally well-behaved. There were no problems.
In the crowd we ran into legendary Philadelphia ad man Elliot Curson -- a guy who probably could have watched the parade from a far more elite location. But Curson (who was snapping photos) told us he had a meeting nearby and wanted to be in the midst of the crowd.
We also ran into former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Ed Chacker and his son. Brian (both of Gay Chacker & Mittin). Ed told us that he and Brian already saw the parade since the floats and players passed near Chacker's offices on Spring Garden St. on their way to Market. But the Chackers wanted to be in the crowd as well.
And who could blame them? It was a quintessential Philly Experience.
After the parade we walked with Ed to his beautiful new condo/penthouse nearby where we lifted our glasses and exchanged happy memories from Ed's time as Chancellor.
Then, we rushed off with Aimee Cirucci to Rouge on Rittenhouse Square where the always hospitable Renee showed us to a prime table. There, we were able to eat, drink, people-watch and enjoy all the festivities.
It was a perfect day!
Inquirer photo by Michael S. Wirtz

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