Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy First Birthday!

Today is our blog's First Birthday!
Thanks to all of you, we've logged more than 21,000 visits over the past 12 months. Generously speaking, that's nearly 2,000 visits per month! THANK YOU!
And thank you for your many comments - even when you disagreed with us.
We want you to keep commenting and keep participating.
We wish we could say we've always been right from the day we began. We haven't.
We predicted Hillary would defeat Barack. We were wrong. We said Rudy would defeat McCain. We were wrong. We foresaw a continuing stable economy with little or no recession. We were wrong. We picked McCain for President. We were right, but 52 percent of the voters didn't agree. We lost.
But we also predicted the return of good, solid conservative leaders (like Berlusconi) in Europe. We were right. very early on we said Cole Hamels would be a Big Star. We were right. We called the Pennsylvania presidential primary right on the nose. Hillary won that one pretty much by the exact percentage that we predicted and we were right. We foresaw the emergence of Sarah Palin and Janet Napolitano. We were right and we wish both of these smart, strong women the best. We said the presidential election would be closer than the polls predicted. We were right. Long before the current shambles we said that Reid and McNabb were in trouble. We were right. We saw enduring bright spots in the local economy (like the continuing commercial growth in Cherry Hill) and predicted these would continue and would move along on schedule. We were right. We guessed that Brian Tierney would buck a trend and take the Inquirer and Daily News and make them lively, successful reads once again. With the help of the World Champion Phillies, he did. And of course we predicted that Joisey's lousy, corrupt band of state "leaders" would continue to break promises, try to raise taxes and tolls, spend carelessly and run the state further into debt. Regrettably, we were right.
Well, for better or worse, we do get some things right.
And we always try to remain lively, open and engaging.
It's been a hugely successful year.
So, if you keep returning we'll keep writing.
Is it a deal?


Sean Schafer said...

Happy Birthday! We need something to be happy about after that drubbing dished out by the Ravens yesterday. Good riddance to this squad... time to clean house, a winning Eagles team is necessary for things to run smoothly around here...

Radu Gherman said...

Sincere congratulations. Keep it coming.