Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slide And Ride

The sun disappeared on election day and hasn't returned since.
In fact, it's dreary, cloudy and rainy here for the third day running - ugly!
And the market continues it's 'O' slide. Actually, at the rate it's going (since Dear Leader was elected) it may actually reach zero. Spell that 'O'.
Anyway, plans continue to emerge from the realm of The One. It's said he will hold a "news" conference tomorrow.
But here's what seems to be bubbling so far: Plans may already be underway to stack the FCC so that the fairness doctrine can be re instituted and [conservative] talk radio can be effectively Killed. Also, one of the nation's most radical environmental activists (RFK Jr.) may become head of the EPA. How's that for a start?
And, the far left is warning Dear Leader not to strike a moderate tone. The lefties want him to act fast and move daringly from the start to adopt the main elements of his program.
After all, liberals have been mostly in the wilderness for about 24 years now (the Clinton years were more centrist than left). There is a lot of pent up energy and The One will have to address that.
If he moves to the center he betrays his base.
If he moves too far to the left he betrays Main Street America and all those people who are betting he will govern from the middle. Dance, leader, dance!
There's a big difference between campaigning and governing. And Dear Leader will soon be on the spot.

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