Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue Water

On Sunday evening we joined friends for dinner at Blue Water, the new seafood restaurant on Route 70 in Cherry Hill.
This new eatery uses the chemical sign for water (H-2-0) combined with the word "blue" to announce itself as Blue-2-0. It sits on the site that was once The Greenbrier restaurant and later was home to Porterhouse.
Blue Water is tranquil and somewhat new age inside with subdued lighting and vivid Chihuly glass. The large, continuous round bar is dominated by a huge silo of light that slowly changes pastels. The dining room is intimate with quite a few booths clustered in the center.
The space is characterized by plenty of natural stone, reflective glass and a welcoming water wall.
The menu features grilled seafood cooked over a hardwood fire grill, plus steaks and chops that are seared at 1,500 degrees.
We enjoyed maple bourbon salmon, crab cakes with mango pienapple pico and pretzel crusted grouper. All of the entrees were tasty and included salads and sides. Prices range from $23 to $28.
Blue Water is an inviting, more sophisticated addition to the local seafood scene.


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