Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving Forward? Or Back?

This is a fact: Thus far, 31 of 47 high level appointees to the Obama Administration are Clintonistas. They are loyal to and/or served in the Clinton Administration (1992 - 2000.)
Remember - President Clinton has been out of office for nearly a decade!
Still, 66% (fully two-thirds) of the Obama Administration is composed of Clinton loyalists - two out of every three appointees.
This is what Obama & Co. call "new." This is wwhat they call "change."
It's sort of like taking one step forward and then two steps back.
These are the people whop ran commercials showing Republicans seeing the world through rear view mirrors.
Well, now who's looking in the rear-view mirror? Who's trying to move ahead by moving backward now?


Anonymous said...

Dan, weren't you supporting a Clinton for president earlier this year? Would that have been moving forward if HRC became POTUS?

Dave W.

Dan Cirucci said...

Well, Dave I never actually endorsed Hillary for President, no.
But I did prefer Hillary to the person who eventually won and I made that quite clear.
And I retain a great deal of respect for Hillary (moreson than for Bill).
The point here is as follows: Obama promised CHANGE. It was the whole mantra of his campaign. It was what he used to defeat Hillary and, later McCain.
Now, he's simply turning back the clock.
Once again he has gone back on his word. What he did is hypocritical. He bashed Clinton and all she stood for and all who were associated with her and her husband and now we hires people who look like The Restoration.
This isn't change. This is a rerun.
Obama has perpetrated a fraud.

road warrior said...

The think that really gets me is that Obama and his liberal illuminati have said that whole time they are so bipartisan and they have yet to prove it! Just electing old Clinton people isn't going to get Obama to the place he said he was going, bipartisan!