Thursday, November 20, 2008

Napolitano: Good Choice!

We support the expected appointment of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Homeland Seurity Secretary.
Governor Napolitano is a moderate, practical, common-sense Democrat who has her wits about her. She's a hard working, no-nonsense public official who is not easily fooled. She has an impressive bio and a proven track record.
We last featured Napolitano on this site back in February when we lauded her as a fresh face and said she might make a good running mate for Obama. Instead, Obama picked beat up old liberal Joe Biden.
We might add that we're almost sorry Obama hasn't chosen Napolitano as Attorney General.
But maybe Obama is afraid to put that much power into the hands of someone who's so obviously, smart, tough and independent. It's a shame to have to say this but we see precious little evidence that Obama enjoys the company of (or seeks out) really smart, self-made, independent minded women.
So, the expected Napolitano appointment is refreshing.
And it's nice to finally have a non-Washington, non-Clintonista appointment of note.
Message to Governor Napolitano: Stand your ground. Continue your record of fine service. Uphold the law and the highest standards. Don't be seduced by the Washington crowd. Tell the truth. Take whatever measures are necessary to protect us.

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Anonymous said...

and the GOP picks up a Gov. seat