Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vote Hangs In Balance

We are almost on the eve of the presidential election and many people are asking me about the status of the race right now.
So, here it is:
The vote hinges almost entirely on eight battleground states: North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
McCain leads Obama in North Carolina, Ohio and Missouri, while Obama seems to be ahead of McCain in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
All but Pennsylvania are states President Bush won twice. With Obama having a strong showing in most, if not all, of the states Democrat John Kerry captured four years ago, McCain would seem to be up against tremendous odds.
But don't be so sure.
The divide separating the candidates in these battleground states is narrow, and there are still a significant number of voters in these states — anywhere from 4 percent to 9 percent — who are undecided.
In recent days McCain has been narrowing the gap, day-by-day and bit-by-bit.
And this too: Nearly all of the undecideds are white. Brad Coker of Mason Dixon polling has observed: "There is the potential for white voters to break heavily for McCain, just based on history."
Tom Kise, spokesman for McCain, said that the polls are narrowing as voters realize being president "takes leadership and integrity — neither of which Obama has."
"As undecided voters begin to focus on what Obama says as opposed to how he says it," Kise said, "they are realizing that he is not prepared to be president."
Now consider that McCain might even pick up some formerly blue states [not including Pennsylvania, which remains doable] such as Iowa and Michigan.
In Michigan, the latest Detroit News/EPIC-MRA poll shows Obama currently only has 50% of the vote, and if undecideds break for McCain, Obama's lead would be only 2%. If Obama loses a point or two from his 50% standing he will likely lose this state and its 17 Electoral Votes!
This poll was taken one-week ago, and new data indicates the race has gotten closer. Rassmussen Reports also shows a tightening of the race.
So, you can begin to see how McCain might find a way to victory.
Remember: All of the states that I've mentioned are still in play.
We're talking about races that are within the margin of error.
And the trend clearly seems to be toward McCain.

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