Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biden: 'Texas Guys Ugly'

That 'ole windbag Joe ("Regular Joe") Biden has been shootin his mouth off again - this time in the shootin capital of the world, Texas.
Here's the report from the Houston Chronicle:
Vice President Joe Biden has a habit of saying what's on his mind. On occasion, he's been accused of speaking before thinking.
[Tuesday] at a Democratic fundraiser in Austin, the VP issued his latest string of Bidenisms.
Speaking before a room full of Democratic donors, Biden declared: "You Texas guys are ugly as hell, but your women are beautiful. In southern Delaware, they would say y'all married up."
More quips:
"Texas is the only place I know that turns a river into a lake." (He was talking about the Colorado River and its New Deal dams.)
And this:
"Please eat your meat, please. I'm a former United States senator. I'm used to not being taken seriously."

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