Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Visor' Guards Vagina

From Flash News:
Men aren’t the only ones who need a protective cup to guard their crotch.
Three Washington women have invented a plastic, V-shaped device called the “Va J-J Visor” to keep a woman’s private parts secure.

Co-inventor Wendy Young says without protection, a woman can hurt herself when she shaves her bikini line or gets a tattoo on her inner thigh.

The Va J-J Visor can also provide protection while a woman is lying on a tanning bed or trying on swimsuits.

Young says she and her partners had a tough time coming up with a name that women would embrace and they considered calling the invention “The Clam Shell,” “The Beaver Dam” and the “The Hoo Ha Hoodie.”

That’s when they figured that if Oprah was comfortable with the word “Va J-J” lots of women would feel the same way.

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