Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knitting Helps Stop Smoking

From Flash News:
A knitting support group is helping smokers kick their gritty habit.

Knit To Quit is a popular concept where smokers quit by getting together with friends to knit instead of puff.

The idea is that if your hands are busy knitting in a soothing, repetitive motion, you won’t have the desire to reach for that cigarette.

Author Debbie Macomber features the anti-smoking method in her novel, Summer On Blossom Street (Mira), on shelves April 28, in which a fictitious yarn shop owner hosts Knit To Quit classes to help her friends ditch a variety of habits including smoking, overeating, and bad relationships.

Macomber – an admitted “knit-o-holic” – owns a yarn shop in real life, and will also begin holding Knit To Quit classes at her store this May.

She thinks now is the perfect time to quit smoking since the cigarette tax has increased nationwide.

She figures her classes will be like therapy sessions where folks can air out their troubles while knitting themselves great sweaters.

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