Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toasting Yeltsin's Death

From Flash News:
Today (Apr. 23) marks two years since Boris Yeltsin’s death, and an honorary vodka shot is in order.

Texas-based vodka distributor Burt “Tito” Beveridge says downing shots of vodka is a great way to celebrate the beloved Russian president and believes Yeltsin would appreciate the gesture
He says, “Vodka is an appropriate way to honor ANY Russian!”
However, there’s a certain way the vodka should be consumed.

In true Russian fashion, Beveridge says vodka should be downed straight up with no chasers, right out of the freezer.

He figures Russians will be throwing back lots of vodka this way and adds, “They like their vodka harsh and painful.”

Those with weaker stomachs may want to stay away from the straight shots and go with a mixed vodka drink in Yeltsin’s honor instead.

Beveridge suggests adding a little water and squeeze of lemon to vodka or mixing it with soda, lime, or cranberry juice.

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