Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter To Run As Democrat!

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has apparently decided to SWITCH PARTIES!
Word is that he's released a statement saying he will run for re-election in the Pennsylvania DEMOCRAT primary.
Let's face it: Specter had little or no chance (with Toomey in) to win the GOP primary. He had two choices: Run as Dem or run as an Independent a la Lieberman.
He's always been a hard-nosed, practical pol who looked out for himself first. And he loves the power and the limelight. So, he's apparently made a cold, calculated decision. That sort of thing is easy when you do not have solid ideological underpinnings.
Now, the GOP field is wide open with Toomey and whoever else chooses to run.
If this is true, it could actually be good news.
The GOP may not be stuck with someone who people see as a Republican In Name Only (RINO). And, this opens the door to new, young, fresh faces. It's probably time.
Stay tuned!

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