Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Potheads' To March Saturday

From Flash News:
Stoners gotta fight for the right to spark up.
This Saturday (May 2), potheads in more than 500 cities will take to the streets for the Worldwide Marijuana March in an effort to push for the legalization of reefer.

Aton Edwards, spokesperson for the marijuana advocacy group Cures Not Wars, says it’s time for the United States government to stop bringing everyone down over weed because over- the-counter drugs are more dangerous.

He says smoking pot is more harmless than taking an aspirin and claims that many people die from aspirin, but no one has ever died from smoking pot.

Edwards smokes out the notion that marijuana is a so-called “gateway drug.” In fact, he calls pot the perfect exit drug for users of hard drugs.

He explains, “I would love to see hard substance abusers use marijuana. I advocate using it as the substance of choice. There’s no such thing as pot abuse. You can’t abuse it. And it can help the reduction of addiction to other drugs.”

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