Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter Should Resign!

Arlen Specter should resign as U. S. Senator immediately.
Specter was elected as a Republican. Now, he wants to serve as a full-fledged Democrat.
He was elected with the name, promises and backing of one party.
Now he wants to continue to serve as part of another party.
He's broken faith with the electorate who were led to believe one thing but now are being asked to accept quite another.
He lied when he said he would remain a Republican.
He lied when he said he wanted to deprive the Democrats of a veto-proof majority.
He lied when he said he thought the two-party system was important and the GOP needed people like him to prevent a monopoly government.
He betrayed the people of Pennsylvania through a series of backroom deals and secret meetings.
I have no objection to Specter running for the Senate in 2010 as a Democrat. That's fine with me. But don't govern now as a Democrat when you haven't been elected as a Democrat.
Specter should resign now.
If they so desire, the Democrats (via Governor Ed Rendell) can appoint a caretaker Senator to hold Specter's seat. That will allow Specter to stand for election next year and, if he wins, serve anew as a Democrat with the support of the electorate. And if he loses, so be it.
Let the people decide.
If you agree, call Specter at any one of the following numbers and ask him to resign:202-224-4254 , 610-434-1444, 814-453-3010, 717-782-3951, 215-597-7200, 412-644-3400, 570-346-2006, 570-826-6265.
Or, you can e-mail Specter by clicking here.

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