Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Postcards = Friends!

From Flash News:
A postcard from a stranger makes the world go ’round.
In an effort to turn “mailboxes into a box of surprises” and bring people from around the world together, Paulo Magalhaes founded the Postcrossing Project, where people can sign up on to send and receive a postcard from a fellow “postcrosser” somewhere around the world.
Magalhaes says the project is meant for those who still like receiving “real mail” even though instant messaging, email, and cell phones have basically killed the need to sit down and write a letter.
However, he insists that a postcard, even from a complete stranger, is the best way to turn the world’s frown upside down.
He says, “Every single day, Postcrossing lights up thousands of smiles across the world, literally making it a happier place.”
Postcrossing currently has more than 94,000 members in 191 countries, and sends 101 post cards every hour.

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