Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toomey On Specter, Etc.

Watch this video and play close attention to the part where a statement from Specter's camp is read in which Specter says that "we musn't give Harry Reid and the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority." That's what the Specter camp said less than two weeks ago. Today, Specter went ahead and gave Reid the majority he said he would prevent. That's how much Specter's word is worth: Nothing.


Radu Gherman said...

Well, that's fine, but why are we assuming that Specter is going to vote with the Dems on everything?

Maybe this is a clever move by the GOP; infiltrate and misinform. Wouldn't that be groundbreaking.

But back in the real world, I's going to focus on Pawlenty's impending decision on Franken. That's the next tactical battle to watch. Anyone care to opine as to whether or not the people in MN get a senator this calendar year?

Dan Cirucci said...

I think the deck in MN is staked for Franken.
I think the State Supreme Court will probably rule in Stewart Smalley's favor and that will be it.
And this all fits together now.
Dems knew that Franken would make 59.
And they needed 60.
So, they coaxed Specter over and now they have their filibuster proof majority. You see, they saved Specter from being "it" --from becoming the key 60th vote.
It all fits.
It all fits.

Sean Schafer said...

While I wish what Radu said was true haha I don't think it's that complicated. Actually I think this is simple. Specter wants to serve another term. He had no shot in the Republican Primary, none. He knew it. He practically came out in his statement and claimed it so. That's all this is, a way for Uncle Arlen to stay in office...

I wonder how long he stays with us on EFCA...

Dan Cirucci said...

You are correct, Sean.
That's the WHOLE story.
It's that simple.
The old man is vain and wants to live forever.

Radu Gherman said...

I agree with both of you, and I join the rest of the people that look on this as the next step toward 60 and as the temporary demise of the two-party opposition system. That worries me a bit. I trend left, but I've also personally seen what HARD left means.
We need more moderates.