Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter: What's The Deal?

It's been reported that Arlen Specter met with Joe Biden 14 times before he decided to switch parties.
Fourteen times.
It's known that Specter met not just with Biden but with Bob Casey and "Fast Eddie" Rendell as well.
Specter did all this while publicly insisting he would not abandon the GOP. But Specter didn't care if he had to deceive you because you didn't count. After all, there were larger matters at stake - things that are a lot more important than you and I.
Uber-politicians like Specter are very careful and very calculating.
In their own minds, they're Masters of the Universe. Their universe. So, they protect their own self-interests first.
Ditto, Obama.
Obviously, the President didn't want his fingerprints on this just in case the deal didn't go through.
And be sure of this: There was a deal.
Specter didn't switch without getting something in return. This is a man who brokered countless deals: a) with other lawyers, as a lawyer; b) with alleged criminals and defense attorneys, as a prosecutor and c) as a politician and major operator in civic life.
So, the question must be asked: What was Specter promised and what did Specter promise in return? And what will that cost us -- you and me, the taxpayers?
Because important votes and lots of bucks will be involved.
Will Specter support socialized medicine? Mandatory national service? Unilateral disarmament? Another round of tax hikes?
Will he change his position on card check and support it in the end?
Will he support the President's Supreme Court nominees no matter what?
Will he get Big Labor money or Move On money or Acorn support or George Soros money?
Has he been assured there will be no opposition in the Democrat primary?
And what about Senate chairmanships, new office digs and all those other perks?
Specter. Rendell. Casey. Obama.
Do I need to draw a diagram for you?
Just consider the possibilities.

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