Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Israel!

Today is the 61st birthday of the State of Israel.
Jonathan Tobin of Commentary magazine has tried to decipher a clear policy on the part of the Obama Administration with respect to Israel. Here what he concludes:
Other than a desire to placate the Islamic world in general (and Iran in particular), as well as an obvious distaste for Israel’s current prime minister, it isn’t clear that Obama has anything in mind that can be described as a policy. Among the chattering classes who applaud everything Obama does it is the fashion to dismiss the existential threat to Israel from Iran. But Israelis and the vast bipartisan majority of Americans who support the Jewish State don’t think the Iranians are kidding about their desire to wipe it off the map. And that includes the majority of Jews who voted for Obama last year and will expect their president to do more than talk, once the genocidal threat to Israel’s population is no longer in doubt.

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