Friday, September 9, 2011

NJ To Obama: Exepedite Funds; Lee Aftermath

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sent a letter to President Obama requesting an expedited federal declaration of a major disaster for the entire State of New Jersey in order to ensure that state and local governments, as well as individually affected residents, receive federal assistance as quickly as possible for damage resulting from Tropical Storm Lee. The tropical storm closely follows the severe and devastating impact that Hurricane Irene wrought on the state, an event that displaced New Jerseyans throughout the state, led to widespread power outages, historic flooding levels, and resulted in a federal disaster declaration for all 21 counties.

Tropical Storm Lee is a catastrophe of enormous severity and magnitude and has included intense and sustained rainfall, exacerbating the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene on the families, businesses, and governments of the state. In light of these conditions and the serious impact they are having on New Jersey’s communities, field damage assessments should not be required to determine the State’s eligibility for supplemental federal assistance. Immediate federal assistance is needed now to give New Jerseyans the assistance they need during this period that has been and continues to be emotionally and financially distressing.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Now it's not just "gimme, gimme, gimme," it's "gimme NOW."

A, the dude is nothing if not an entertaining hypocrite.

Dan Cirucci said...

The use of the word "hypocrite" is giving away your identity. Anyway, there's really nothing hypocritical about it. It's purely procedural. A letter from the Governor of the state requesting that the funds be expedited is pro forma in such matters so that a timely decision may be made.