Friday, April 19, 2013

America: Time To Face New Realities

The second suspect in the Boston Massacre Bombing is now in custody.
Boston police have just confirmed this.
He is said to be injured.
The conclusion of this whole affair now signals the end of this particular reign of terror and the beginning of the next chapter.
A page is now turned and America enters a new chapter in the war on terror.
We now face new realities. And in this new atmosphere, one must wonder about the following:
--Is this the end of any chance of immigration reform? It would certainly seem so. It would appear that Americans would have little appetite for any loosening of immigration rules whatsoever.
--In fact, in light of all these developments, it would seem now that there will actually be pressure for a tightening of immigration and that the whole citizenship and visa and student-visa process will be reviewed. In other words, everything's up for grabs. If we're really serious about preventing such a situation in the future, this would have to be so, wouldn't it?
--Gun control would also appear to be off the table for now. Indeed, if anything, this will increase the desire of ordinary citizens to pack heat. In this environment, it would seem there would be renewed support for the right to keep and bear arms.
--From a purely political aspect (and, for better or worse, whether we like it or not, everything is political) any environment in which there is growing sentiment for tightening immigration restrictions and reinforcing gun rights would seem to help Republicans and conservatives. Not good news for Obama. It means that two of his prized issues will be off the table.
--Political correctness would also seem to be on the ropes. All the talk about "inclusiveness, diversity, welcomeness and understanding" suddenly takes on a chilling feeling in this environment. It's worth noting that one of the brother suspects had a "coexist' bumper sticker on his car. Coexist in hell, monster!
--Finally, maybe it's time to bring back enhanced interrogation. Don't 'ya think?

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Anonymous said...

Great column!! I say Waterboard him!!

Leaving for Savannah and Hilton Head next Wednesday. Can't wait.

Thanks for your website. I really enjoy reading it. I'm from the shore, so a lot of the columns about restaurants and places to go really interest me, as I go to the same cities you mention. I have kept the restaurants from Hilton Head in a file. Plan to try 1 or 2 of them!!

Thanks again