Thursday, April 25, 2013

Live Blogging George W. Bush Presidential Center

We're live blogging the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.
We can't help but noting that CNN's resident jerk, Chris Matthews has just referred to Jeb Bush as "the smart one in the family." Can't Matthews resist -- even on this day -- taking a jab at the Bushs? Does it ever end?
Anyway, we'll try to look past that and give you our observations on this historic event.
One does wish the TV commentators would shut up for awhile so we could actually experience the ceremony.
But here are some quick observations:
The presidential center and library has an appropriately traditional look -- nothing obviously avant garde here in the style or architecture. It's very symmetrical with large columns and a clear, welcoming entranceway. It's not trying to make any architectural statement.
Both Condoleezza Rice and First Lady Michele Obama appear to be dressed in white or off-white and its flattering to both.
Governor and Mrs. Christie of New Jersey have now just been introduced to robust applause.
Condoleezza Rice is now introducing all of the dignitaries.
It's exciting to see five American presidents on the platform. Quite a thrill.

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