Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Part Of E-V-I-L Don't You Get?

Since the horrific attack yesterday there have been people on radio and TV saying all sorts of dumb things.
In fact, we appear to be surrounded by inanity.
Last night on TV some commentator or eyewitness or whoever came on and said he felt very, very sorry for those who died and those who lost limbs in the bombing BUT he also felt sorry for those who couldn't complete the marathon and never got to experience "their moment."
What? WHAT?!
There is NO moral equivalence here. None. Get it?
This guy lost his leg. It had to be amputated on the spot. And this poor guy over here was never able to cross the finish line. Awwww!
What the hell has happened to our priorities? Where is our sense of moral relevancy?
It appears as if we've become so wound up in ourselves -- our own challenges; our own personal best; our own sense of fulfillment; our own agendas; our need to feel oh so special -- that we've completely lost sight of the broader issue (indeed, the broader THREAT) here.
So for those who may be just a bit confused, let's cut to the chase and get this straight:
There is evil in the world.
There are evil people.
They hate America.
This is what they've been taught. This is what they know. This is their all-consuming passion.
They hate Americans -- all Americans, and that includes you, your family and all those that you love and care about including your friends and neighbors next door, around the corner or on the other side of the country.
They have disdain for us and our way of life.
They mean to destroy us.
They intend to kill us -- to annihilate us.
And they're deadly serious about this.
Make sure you understand this.
And now, we have something to say as well to the lady who called into a radio talk show this morning crying "I don't understand why there is so much hatred in the world. Why do people hate so much? Why can't we get along?"
Here's our advice to this woman: Read some of the stories in the Bible. Study history. Look back over some of the unspeakable evil that has preceded us. Know that evil acts and hateful people cannot simply go unanswered. And regrettably history teaches us that all too often these acts must be answered in kind. Understand that weak leaders ('easy' leaders) and weak people make easy targets.
Get real!

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