Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bombings: Already Liberals Inching Toward Balm

In answer to the question "How long would it take?" well, the answer is "less than 24 hours."
That's right, less than 24 hours have passed since the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and already members of the dominant [liberal] media are already suggesting possible excuses for the actions of the two brother/murderers.
Can you imagine?
In an article in the New Yorker, David Remnick is saying that much as our hearts go out to the victims of this horrendous act of evil, we surely must feel some sympathy for the families of the perpetrators as well. Really?
And then he goes on to suggest that the older brother (though he was welcomed here and took advantage of all that the US has to offer) never quite felt accepted in America, never quite felt at home. And we're to feel bad about this? We're to believe that this was out fault? C'mon!
And -- in the name of that hallowed concept of "understanding," the article goes further suggesting that this is to be viewed as perhaps and excuse for his actions.
And it also seems to be suggested in this same article that the younger brother was somehow coaxed or even bullied into carrying out these crimes.
What's more, the younger brother is described as a "cool guy" and a "regular kid" because he even smoked pot quite regularly.
The whole article has the faint scent of liberal guilt and exculpation about it.
Somehow, possessed of this information, we're to see our way clear to consolation for the murderers if not outright pardon.
It's as if we're now supposed to prepare to balm the bombers.
This is total hogwash.
But it shouldn't surprise anybody and we shouldn't expect it to end.
In fact, these arguments presented by the liberal elites, were (and are) all quite predictable.
There's a pattern here.
And obviously, it's neither encouraging nor productive.
But this is the way it is now. And we must remain vigilant for this kind of wrong-headed nonsense.
Keep clear, level-headed and focused on right and wrong, America.
Know baloney when you see it and read it and hear it -- and don't fall for it.

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