Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here's How You Can Help Chris Christie Now

Here is a special message from the 2013 Chris Christie campaign:

Chances are you recently filed your taxes. How do you feel?

With all the waste in government today, handing over a big chunk of your salary should bother you a great deal.

Chris Christie has continually vetoed the Democrats new taxes hikes and wasteful spending. And he has done so with refreshing determination.

That’s why we started our Tax Day fundraising push. We’re trying to raise $50,000 by tomorrow, April 15th – Tax Day. Every contribution we receive counts toward our goal and helps us make the statement to New Jerseyans that they don’t have to accept status quo politicians.

We’re counting on you to be just as annoyed by high taxes and wasteful spending as we are.

To contribute to Governor Christie's campaign go to

Thanks again for supporting the Governor. Your help makes fighting the status quo possible.

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