Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Attack Not Same As Sandy Hook

Some people are trying to equate yesterday's Boston atrocity with the mass shootings such as the senseless murders at Sandy Hook.
Be careful.
This does nothing but muddy the waters when it comes to protecting ourselves from known enemies of our country and our way of life.
Acts of terrorism are not random in that they are planned, deliberate and often motivated by tribal-based hatred, nationalism or extreme religious fervor, not to mention twisted ideology. The motives are more clearly rooted if nonetheless perverted.
Random mass killings are more often the acts of a single sick or deeply troubled person and are more likely to be domestic in nature. They frequently have nothing to do with politics and/or ideology. Often, in these instances it is difficult to pinpoint a motive or motives. Terrorism is bigger and more sustained. It's a direct threat to our national security -- ongoing, pervasive and aimed at America itself, its founding principles and its way of life. Know the difference. Don't be fooled! Be clear-headed and realize the enormous threat we are facing every single day!

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