Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Explosion: How We MUST responds

Many are asking for prayers for those in Boston. Prayers are always in order, of course.
But, above all, we must resolve -- united, together -- to understand that there is evil in the world. That there are others who want to destroy us: They want to kill us; kill our children; kill those we love.
They are blood thirsty.
That have a blood lust and life is cheap to them.
They hate our way of life.
They hate us.
And they don't think a second thought about tageting innocent civilians. In fact, they prefer that. We must not and cannot go woobly on this or it will be over. We will have lost.
From every indication that we have now these were carefully planned, horrific, coordinated acts -- probably acts of terrorism.
Know this: It's us or them and we MUST be prepared to (and not hesitate to) answer in kind.
BTW: Today -- above all -- is a day to remember the Iron Lady. Remember her resolve; her toughness; her unwillingness to deal with killers, mercenaries, terrorists, thugs. Remember her resolve. Be inspired by that. Remember her unflinching response to evil. THAT is what we must emulate.

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