Friday, August 16, 2013

BREAKING: Manuel OUT As Phillies Manager

The man who led the Phillies to the World Championship is out as their manager.
The Phillies have announced that the Charlie Manuel era is over, though Manuel may remain in the Phillies organization.
The Phillies have had an absolutely dismal season this year.
“This change is not easy for me. It’s not easy for me as a person, but it’s a decision I feel the Philies need to make as we look toward the future.” Ruben Amaro, Phils GM said. “We’ve asked Charlie to remain in our organization.”
“He’s a special person, this is difficult for me,” Amaro said, holding back tears.
“I’d like to thank David Montgomery, I’d also like to thank Ed Wade, who hired me,” Manuel said. “I want to think Ruben, I want to think Pat Gillick, and I want to thank everyone who gave me a chance.”
“For the last nine years… I’m mad because they took the best seat in the house away from me,” Manuel said, also holding back tears. “Philadelphia has been the highlight of my career.”

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