Thursday, August 29, 2013

Christie At The Shore: We Said We Would, And We Did!

Point Pleasant, 8-29-2013.

Governor Christie: There's nothing more Jersey than the Jersey Shore. Nothing more Jersey than our boardwalks. 
The first boardwalk in the country was built right here in New Jersey down in Atlantic City in 1870, and ever since then boardwalks have been being built. 24 beautiful light houses up and down our coast. And even seven presidents have vacationed on the Jersey Shore. 
The Jersey Shore has been a place for families more than anything else though, more than presidents, more than governors, even more than Snooki and The Situation. 
The Jersey Shore has been about families coming here and making memories with their parents and grandparents, with their children and grandchildren, with aunts and uncles. 
And so, when I came down here in the immediate aftermath of the storm and saw the destruction here in Point Pleasant Beach it broke my heart. You know, I wondered whether we were going to be able to recover, and recover quickly enough to be ready by Memorial Day. But you know already we've removed 96,000 cubic yards of debris from the state's waterways so people could swim and boat safely around the state. We've cleared debris from over 275 marinas, over 200 sunken boats, and the great news is -- and I could tell this when I was flying up here today, we flew up the coastline -- I've never seen the water in New Jersey look cleaner or better than it looks this summer and it's just great to see.

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