Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HUD Sec. Says Christie Defines 'Jersey Strong'

Transcript From August 20, 2013 Press Conference:

HUD Secretary Donovan: Governor thank you. It is good to be back in New Jersey. I was married here, I worked here at one point, and it is a place that I love because it is part of my family as well. It is good to be back. I want to thank you for your leadership Governor, the mayor said earlier you have defined ‘Jersey Strong.’ And there have been moments, dark moments, through this storm and the recovery when you question how much harder can you go, how much father can you go, and watching your efforts has been inspiring to all of us. So, thank you very personally.

Governor Christie: Thank you Shaun.

HUD Secretary Donovan: From a – at least a related to Jersey kind of guy. If I can’t call myself a Jersey guy yet, maybe you can give me an official designation at some point.

Governor Christie: We’ll see what the next spat of money looks like and then we’ll see.

HUD Secretary Donovan: Okay, alright. How big the check is…

Governor Christie: Yeah, how big the check is.

HUD Secretary Donovan: …maybe I can get there. That sounds…

Governor Christie: We’re negotiable.

HUD Secretary Donovan: …that’s fair. That’s fair.

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