Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's How You Can Stop Hillary And McAuliffe Today!

Here's a special message from Brian Burch of catholic

Hillary is on the move.

Can you guess where she plans to stop first?

Answer: A big fundraiser for pro-abort "Catholic" Terry McAuliffe to defeat pro-life Catholic Ken Cuccinelli.

Can you chip in $15 now to help us defeat the McAuliffe-Hillary machine?

We have endorsed Ken Cuccinelli. Ken is a practicing Catholic, father of 7, and proudly pro-life. And he needs your help now.

Think about this: Hillary's first major political event after leaving the State Department will be to raise money for extremist Terry McAuliffe.

The race is a bellwether for the entire country. What happens in Virginia in this November will reverberate across the country --- AND our Church. And Hillary knows Virginia matters in 2013... and 2016.

The last thing we need is another prominent pro-abortion Catholic politician spreading more scandal!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of helping to elect our fellow Catholic Ken Cuccinelli. We can’t wait until October to act. The election is less than 90 days away!

If we hope to turn the tide in Washington D.C., and elsewhere, we need to elect Ken Cuccinelli and deal McAuliffe-Hillary a huge defeat.

It’s go time.

Can you chip in $15 right now to help support CatholicsForKen?

Brian Burch Candidate Fund

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