Friday, August 30, 2013

Catholic Universities Must Put Jesus First

Here is a special message from Patrick J. Reilly, President of the Cardinal Newman Society which provides outreach and spiritual guidance to Catholic students at colleges and universities;

"Jesus is not an afterthought of a Catholic university, not an elective of a Catholic university," says Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix.

And again: "A Catholic university comes from the heart of the Church," he says. "It is not peripheral."

These are words of encouragement, but they also candidly acknowledge the failings in Catholic education. These and other recent statements from the bishops are key to the renewal of Catholic identity, which continues to build momentum!

Read our reports on Bishop Olmsted's forthright address... Bishop Loverde's
message to Christendom College about its role in the New Evangelization...Bishop Morlino's inspiring video for Catholic educators... Bishop Ricken'sblessing at Wyoming Catholic College... and Cardinal Wuerl's testament to Catholic schools' social witness, including "defense of the dignity of human life in all its stages."

As the academic year begins, please join me in praying that Catholic schools and colleges respond to God's call to faithfully live the teachings of the Church and grow in unity with the bishops. And please pray for The Cardinal Newman Society's work to promote and defend faithful Catholic education!

- Patrick J. Reilly, President
Cardinal Newman Society

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