Friday, April 22, 2016

Gov Breaks Through Bureaucracy, Rescues Teen!

From our friends at Save Jersey:
By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog
A “glitch” was preventing Isaac Pilato and his mom, Stacey, from obtaining a new driver’s permit after the young man’s original was destroying in the washing machine.

For how long? Four months!

Multiple MVC visits at multiple locations didn’t solve the problem.

So this week, after learning about the incident, Governor Chris Christie personally accompanied Stacey and Isaac to the South Plainfield MVC office to square things away (h/t NJ 101.5):

Ever get the run-around at the Motor Vehicle Commission (the former DMV)? Stacey Pilato called Gov. Chris Christie via New Jersey 101.5's Ask the Governor and told him she'd been trying for four months to get her son's permit replaced -- and gotten redirected every time.

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