Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vote Cox & Ellis For Delegates In PA 13th District

And important message for those voting in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday:
While the Dan Cirucci Blog has not yet officially endorsed a presidential candidate, we strongly urge our friends in Pennsylvania to vote for Republican Convention delegate candidates Tom Ellis and Gil Cox in Pennsylvania 13th congressional district in suburban Philadelphia.
We know both these men and they are fine candidates.
And, we have to give them both credit for clearly announcing their support of and commitment to a presidential candidate (in this case, Donald Trump).
As many of you know, a good number of the GOP delegate candidates in Pennsylvania are running "uncommitted." This is wrong. 
If you want to be a delegate to the convention, you owe it to the voters to say who your choice for president really is. 
Don't elect delegates who are hiding behind a smokescreen and/or find themselves beholden to party bosses and assorted elites.
Vote for Tom Ellis and Gil Cox in Pennsylvania's 13th district!

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