Friday, April 22, 2016

Tei-State Conservative Group Endorsements

The Independence Hall Foundation, the largest independent conservative grass roots organization with thousands of members in the tri-state region, is announcing, today, its endorsements in key 2016 Pennsylvania

Republican statewide and congressional district primary races.

Although the 20-member Foundation Board could not reach a consensus in the GOP presidential primary, the Board has voted unanimously (except in the 13th Congressional District) to endorse the following candidates:

Pennsylvania Statewide Competitive Primary Races

Attorney General
Joe Peters

The Foundation endorses Joe Peters because of his impressive career in law enforcement (his association with Kathleen Kane not withstanding) and his commitment to take on local PA municipalities that provide "sanctuary" to illegal immigrants in opposition to federal and state laws.

The Foundation duly notes that Peter's opponent, State Senator John Rafferty, has significantly less experience in law enforcement; supports "dreamer" legislation; opposes the privatization of the Liquor Control Board and the enactment of Paycheck Protection due his strong union ties.

Southeast PA Competitive Congressional Primary Races

7th District
Pat Meehan

The Foundation endorses Pat Meehan because of his consistent votes, over the years, to repeal ObamaCare; defund Planned Parenthood; lower taxes; decrease spending; expose corrupt practices of the Veterans Administration; hold the Obama Administration accountable on the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals; stop Obama's Executive Order on Immigration, and support our nation's defense. Meehan has also been a strong advocate of local law enforcement communities.
During his tenure as Cheltenham Township Commissioner (Montgomery County) in the 1980's, Meehan's primary opponent, Stan Casacio, voted to increase the township's budget by 80% and raise property taxes by 42% to cover the deficit he helped create.

8th District
Brian Fitzpatrick

The Foundation endorses Brian Fitzpatrick over his two primary challengers due to his overwhelming conservative credentials--which include fighting political corruption and worldwide terrorism as an FBI Special Agent; his district-wide name recognition; and his ability to raise the funds necessary to defeat his Democrat primary opponent in the fall election.

16th District
Chet Beiler

The Foundation endorses Chet Beiler due to his successful career as an entrepreneur and his commitment to conservative principles. Beiler's opponent, State Senator Lloyd Smucker, supports "dreamer" legislation and opposes cracking down on "sanctuary" municipalities.

17th District
Matt Connolly

The Foundation endorses charismatic and articulate NASCAR race driver, Matt Connolly, because of his commitment to conservative principles and his second place finish in a three-way primary race in 2014--which earned him district-wide name recognition. In 2014, Connolly's opponent, Northampton County Councilman Glenn Geissinger, voted to increase county taxes by almost 10%.

Pennsylvania Statewide Non-Competitive GOP Primary Races

US Senator
Pat Toomey

PA Auditor General
John Brown

PA State Treasurer
Otto Voit

Pennsylvania Non-Competitive Congressional GOP Primary Races

1st District
Deborah Williams

2nd Disrict
James Jones

6th District
Ryan Costello

11th District
Lou Barletta

13th District
Robert Sklaroff (write-in candidate)

15th District
No endorsement

Charlie Dent, the incumbent GOP Congressman, is a vocal supporter of the taxpayer funded group, Planned Parenthood, despite recent disclosures that the nation's leading abortion provider (PP) barbarically kills over 300,000 unborn children annually--then sells their body parts on the market to the highest bidder.

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