Wednesday, April 27, 2016

They Were ALWAYS Too Late, ALWAYS!

So now we have a situation where Ted Cruz is about to announce his vice presidential pick.
And speculation is rampant that it will be Fiorina.
In fact it IS Fiorina. He just announced it.
But one is tempted to ask -- indeed, one MUST ask -- what difference does it make?
Not since 1976 when Ronald Reagan announced his running mate choice well in advance of the convention has this happened. And we all know what happened to Reagan in that 1976 campaign.
This is very late in the game. Donald Trump has pretty much run the table. He's had an absolutely astounding string of victories. 
Can Cruz still be a threat? Does he have any chance? Unlikely.
And Kasich has come across as desperate as well.
You have to scratch your head and wonder how so many people could have been wrong about so much -- how they could have so badly miscalculated this year. It's not just Kasich and Cruz. It's the whole Republican establishment. They basically blew it. Blew it Big Time.
And if there's one thing that had characterized their efforts (and we're going all the way back to Romney and Boehner and McConnell) it's that they've all been too late on the uptake. Too little (when they've fought back at all) and too late. And that goes for their responses to Obama and the Democrats too.
It's all been inadequate.
And it's all been way too late.
So, here we are.
But, thank goodness, it seems a new Republican Party is emerging right in front of us, right before our eyes -- just like 1980 when Ronald Reagan finally DID get his act together and seemingly reinvented American politics and then went on to change the shape of the world. Reagan started (Do we have to remind you?) but overturning the Republican establishment. He basically vanquished them.
And they were very, very angry. But they got over it. Indeed they did!
We don't know what the new GOP is gonna be like. We know that it will most likely be headed by Trump but we don't know all the details yet. And we really weren't sure with Reagan, either.
Not completely sure, anyway.
What we do know is this: It was time for a big, dramatic change because GOP voters have felt hopelessly betrayed. And so the change will come.
As open-minded Republicans who welcome new people, new ideas, new opportunities, new coalitions (if that's what it will take) and we say: "Bring it on!"

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