Friday, April 29, 2016

Now Here's An Idea That's Just Plain Dumb!

A proposal by Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and the City Council mandating that certain private employers in the city provide a minimum 30-hour work week is coming under fire this week from Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading advocate for economic freedom.

“Mayor Fulop and the City Council have gone too far this time,” fired Americans for Prosperity state director Erica Jedynak. “They have no right to tell employers how to run their business like this and it’s time someone called them out for their divisive, bullying tactics.”

“Most employers are also honest, hard-working people who would love nothing more than to pay their employees a higher wage. But if this mandate goes into effect, there’s little question there will be grave, unintended consequences. These employers will have little choice but to let some of their workers go.”

“Americans for Prosperity empathizes with all families who are struggling to get by here in New Jersey. And we understand that our state is becoming more and more affordable for many lower- and middle-class families,” continued Jedynak. “But if we really care about low-income families and giving them a chance at a better life, then let’s start by addressing the root causes of what’s limiting economic opportunities in our state—our crushing tax burden and overbearing state government.”

“For the sake of New Jersey families we need to get past this kind of divisive politics which pits honest employers against their workers. We need to move beyond the false promise that another government mandate is all it takes to guarantee someone happiness, a high-paying job or a ‘living wage,” said Jedynak. “Instead, we should be focused on pursuing a positive agenda that expands economic opportunity and makes it easier for all of us to achieve the American dream here in New Jersey.”

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