Friday, April 22, 2016

Kelly VS Michael: The Truth Behind The Feud

So, Kelly has finally emerged.
And, while she's smiling, we hear she's livid over Michael's betrayal and his sudden move to GMA full time.
And it appears as if Kelly may have cancelled her planned trip to a tropical island to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary -- which only adds fuel to the fire and makes us think she's really angry. In any event, Kelly won't be back on Live! till at least next Tuesday.
Hey, here's how we feel: Michael totally botched it. He done her wrong, honey! Big Time!
He should have explained it all to Kelly first. In fact, let's be honest, here -- he should have consulted Kelly first, if only as a courtesy. Kelly made Michael -- not the other way around.
Michael is where he is today because of Kelly and Kelly's show, Live!
But Kelly Ripa will survive (she'll even thrive) because she's more talented, more durable and a way, way bigger star than Michael is or will ever be. Plus, she a Joizee gal!
If Sinatra were still around, he'd brand Michael a rat fink and that would be only the beginning of Michael's problems. And if ABC thinks Michael will save GMA, well -- we've got a bridge downtown that we'd like to sell them.
PS: We love you Kelly and we're with you all the way! BTW: We now hear that Kelly will definitely be back next week. Apparently, she's sent a message announcing that to the staff of the show, also thanking them for their love and support. She reportedly said she needed "time to deal with" everything that happened. Still, it's very hard to imagine Kelly and Michael laughing and sharing the same stage again. But if you're paid zillions of dollars to do exactly that, well . . . .

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