Monday, June 27, 2016

In Recent Days, Have You Thought About THIS?

A Facebook friend writes:

"I am a West Virginian. 
"For two days I have been watching hundreds of photos and videos posted on Facebook by people from one State border to the other. Homes gone, highways washed away, bridges piled with debris, a woman with tears spreading her keepsakes on her roof to dry. 
"I see a widespread catastrophe. And in not one of these do I see or hear a single lament that somebody else owes these people anything. I see no rioting, no breaking of shop windows, no running off with televisions or sneakers. Nobody is screaming, demanding that the federal government help. 
"But I see men--private citizens--with chainsaws clearing streets and roads, men with pickups and four-wheelers clearing driveways and taking some where they need to go, women helping families and even children pitching in where they can. 
"I see America as it once was and as it should be it is in West Virginia. 
"As the days roll on, remember what you see here."

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