Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ohhh, YEAH . . . It's Really Heating Up Now!

State Senator Jennifer Beck doesn't like New Jersey's planned gas tax hike. She says she likes being screamed at even less.

Things got loud on the state Senate floor Thursday as she and Sen. Paul Sarlo got into a heck of a shouting match. BTW: NO action was taken on the tax today. Governor Christie and the legislature have effectively reached an impasse, though we're told negotiations will continue.

We applaud Senator Beck for standing up for herself, for her plan and for the people of New Jersey. It's about time somebody gave the established "know-it-alls" in Trenton some serous hell. These career politicians have been screwing the people of this state for a long, long time. 

There should be NO increase in the gas tax, period. Here are Five Big Reasons why:

1) New Jersey already spends a whopping 8.4 times the national average for every mile of road it maintains or builds. North Dakota (which gets tons of snow) spends a fraction of what we spend per mile.
2) Our highway funding system is inefficient. Our state spent nearly $45,000 per every mile of roads on highway administration. The national average is just $10,500.
3) Other states with similarly dense metro areas and high costs of living spend far less per-mile than Jersey. Even New York and California spend less.
4) New Jersey has also made little use of public-private partnerships to finance and execute transportation projects. It's been reported that such projects are already lowering costs in 30 other states.
5) New Jersey’s has mishandled its transportation funding. The state should have spent annual budgeted money on a pay-as-you-go basis. But New Jersey inefficiently relied on debt to finance its roads and bridges.

On top of all this, New Jersey toll collections are through-the-roof. Our state is taking in more money from tolls than any other state except New York. What's happening to all this money?

Until New Jersey cleans up its transportation revenue and funding act, it will have to make do with the money it has.
Tell your state legislators: NO NJ GAS TAX HIKE!

Here's what you can do to stop the gas tax hike. But you must act NOW!

Do it NOW!

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