Friday, June 17, 2016

Warning: These Figures Might Surprise You!

A survey conducted by the polling company, inc./WomanTrend on behalf of the Center for Security Policy in June, 2015 (among 600 Muslim respondents living in the US) found that nearly a third of respondents agree with the statement, “I believe that violence against those that insult the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, or Islamic faith is sometimes acceptable.”
The poll also found that a quarter of respondents agree that “violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.”

Furthermore, according to the survey of Muslims, a majority (51%) agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.” 
When that question was put to the broader U.S. population, the overwhelming majority held that shariah should not displace the U.S. Constitution (86% to 2%).
More than half (51%) of U.S. Muslims polled also believe either that they should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah. Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts.
These notions were powerfully rejected by the broader population according to the Center’s earlier national survey. It found by a margin of 92%-2% that Muslims should be subject to the same courts as other citizens, rather than have their own courts and tribunals here in the U.S.

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