Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Private Collection Of A Legendary Lady!

We were recently invited to an exclusive showing of the private collection of Joan Rivers at Christie's in Manhattan.
It was a wonderful evening -- especially for those (like us) who loved Joan Rivers and miss her very much.
What did we see?
Well, all of the wonderful things that Joan Rivers was passionate about: Her jewels, fashions, furniture, housewares, etc. Joan loved beautiful things. She loved to be surrounded by beauty. She believed that if you could not live luxuriously, you shouldn't live at all. And fortunately, through hard work and legendary determination this extraordinary woman was able to live her way. How wonderful it was that she so enjoyed the fruits of her labor while she was with us. And she also shared this eye for beauty with others through her costume jewelry collection which continues to sell very well.
We assume most of the Joan Rivers private collection has now been acquired by Christies' customers and is no longer all together as it once way.
But, we're still able to bring you some of the standout pieces from Joan's marvelous estate, shown below. Enjoy!

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