Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Amidst Much Garbage, An Astonishing Gem Shines!

Hollywood's in disarray.
The town is rocked by scandal. Everybody's pointing a finger at everybody else. Shocking revelations abound. Big, Important People are suddenly loathsome scum. And the whole thing looks and smells like an open sewer.
On top of all that, this year's crop of new movies have turned out to be mostly duds and box office receipts have tanked.
But, Hollywood still makes good movies. Not as often, and not always as good as they once were, but, still . . .
And Hollywood still boasts big, certified stars who do honest, stellar work. Not as many stars and not as big and great as they once were, but, still . . .
Don't believe us?

Go see Only The Brave.
Go see Hollywood royalty at the top of its game in the form of Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin in two of the finest performances you'll see on the silver screen, anytime, anywhere.
Go see Andie MacDowell, as beautiful as ever and a damned fine actress, too.
Go see Jenifer Connelly in a role that defines modern womanhood, especially in an untamed environment.
And go see the astonishing young actor Miles Teller in a role that will touch your heat.
In fact, the entire cast is so natural, so believable, so three-dimensional that you'll wonder why every movie and every cast can't be like this. This is kind of flick that the late critic Judith Crist used to call a "movie movie" -- a film that will wrap its arms around you and keep you enthralled from the opening credits to the final acknowledgements.
Only The Brave (which should have really been titled Hotshots) is based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite firefighters who risk everything to protect a town from an historic Arizona wildfire. It's a movie that happens in flyover country -- that huge, seemingly unending swath of land between the coasts; the land that Hollywood all too often either mocks or simply ignores. Without special effects or mythical superheroes or shocking scenes of violence or graphic sex, Only The Brave tells a real story about real people in the real, on-the-ground America of today. In a world full of stunts, gimmicks and cheap tricks, this movie delivers impressive, heart-stopping, real-life credibility.
If recent headlines have left you wondering if the whole country is going to hell in a handbasket, you need to see Only The Brave. This is top-notch Hollywood moviemaking at its very best.
Don't delay. See it now!

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