Monday, October 16, 2017

Can You 'Get' What's Going On Here? CAN You?

OK, so today I watched President Trump's impromptu news conference in the Rose Garden.
From what the mainstream media had been saying, I have to admit I was somewhat concerned when I tuned in. After all, the Trump administration was supposed to be in disarray and the man himself was supposed to be unravelling. Right?
But there he was.
Right there, out in the open, ready for action.
At the podium, without notes (beyond, maybe, any initial prepared statement) as far as I could tell.
And there they were: a gaggle of reporters all ready for red meat.
And, without a script or a game plan or even a pre-ordained order of questioning or any ground rules, the President took one question after another that was shouted at him -- a cacophony.
A 70+ year-old man who wears down many people half his age stood there and answered every question completely, clearly, cogently and in most cases, relatively briefly. He took on all comers.
There were no long pauses (a la Obama) or "ehh, ahh, uhh" (again, a la Obama) or bungled or misused or mispronounced words (a la W. Bush) or concocted, southern-tinged fables or bromides (a la Bill Clinton). And Trump didn't need a road map or a cheat sheet to help him pronounce nuclear.
Instead it was Q & A, Q & A, Q & A. Rata-tat-tat, one after another.
Virtually seamless.
And all very open and very revealing and, wait for it -- yes, sensible and lucid and quite articulate!
And very, very accessible.
So what the hell is all the fuss about? All the "alarming" reports from the NYT and WaPo and CNN and Vanity Fair and on and on and on, huh?
Beats me.
Because the man is on his game.
That much is very, very clear.
Well, maybe they're upset because the President is actually succeeding. The economy is booming. Joblessness is at an historic low. The stock market is soaring. Consumer confidence is through the roof. He's handedly pierced the crumbling veneer of Obamacare and put the powers-that-be on notice. He's done the same with the Iran deal. And he even bested the once all-powerful NFL.
Maybe that's what has them all worked up.
Because it sure as hell ain't President Trump's competency or his demeanor or his mental state.
That's for damned sure!

And one more thing: Are there days when the President gets frustrated? Yes!
Does he lose his cool? Does he get angry? Yes!
Is he unhappy with the slow pace of government and all the bureaucratic gook? Of course he is!
This man is the CEO of an incredible international company that he himself built. He's used to giving orders and having them carried out. That's why we elected him.
We knew he would clash with the bureaucratic inertia, the mendacity and the outright corruption that defines Washington. That's also why we elected him. We were as sick and tired of all that as he was.
But this man is real.
He's authentic.
He isn't always right. He sometimes stumbles. Sometimes.
But he never, ever gives up. He's goal-oriented, always. And his goal is winning -- winning for America; winning in a way we haven't won in a long time. He's not welded to ideology because he's not comfortable with dogma or boundaries. He doesn't like to be boxed in because that can prevent finding a way to reach the goal and win.
And, through it all, he's exactly as you see him.
He may build buildings defined by vertical and horizontal lines but he doesn't always think linear. His mind is quick, expansive and works in many different ways, tackling problems and situations from many different directions. He's inquisitive and challenging and shrewd and often very hard to fool.
And it's all right there in front of us.
This is a new kind of presidency -- one that is rewriting the book every single day.
If you find this confusing or unsettling, maybe you need to stop putting this guy under a microscope (or on a shrink's couch) and start examining some of your own preconceptions and  deep-seated prejudices And maybe you need to start really watching, listening and paying attention to what's happening.
Try it!

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