Monday, October 23, 2017

Don't Let This Happen: You MUST Act Now!

Here is a very special message from Kim Guadagno:

A governor's number one responsibility is to keep New Jerseyans safe, and Phil Murphy is already failing that test.

In response to Phil Murphy doubling down on his dangerous proposal to embrace sanctuary cities, and even make New Jersey a sanctuary state, today I released my law-and-order plan to ban sanctuary cities across The Garden State.


By making New Jersey a sanctuary state, Phil Murphy is saying he would rather protect dangerous criminals and murderers than stand up for the law abiding people of New Jersey.
As a former prosecutor and sheriff, I can tell you that Phil Murphy is seriously misguided and would make New Jerseyans less safe with policies like this. If elected governor, I will pass a law to ban sanctuary cities so politicians can’t prevent law enforcement from turning violent and dangerous criminals over to federal immigration officials for deportation.
Will you stand with me?

Kim Guadagno

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