Friday, August 24, 2018

Catholics Are VERY Angry - And With Good Reason!

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Catholics are hot with righteous anger. 

And deservedly so. 

That’s why I call it the Revolt of the Sheep

But these emotions are borne of our deep faith and love for our Church. We are sons and daughters of Jesus Christ and His mystical body on earth. This isn’t another political fight to be resolved on Twitter or at the ballot box. The Church is, quite literally, the very means of our salvation. 

After all, we don’t call her “Holy Mother Church” by accident. 

The Catechism explains: 

“‘The Church . . . will receive its perfection only in the glory of heaven, at the time of Christ's glorious return.’ Until that day, ‘the Church progresses on her pilgrimage amidst this world's persecutions and God's consolations.’ Here below she knows that she is in exile far from the Lord, and longs for the full coming of the Kingdom, when she will ‘be united in glory with her king.’” 

And it’s precisely because of this promise of hope that we are responding to the recent revelations with demands for justice and genuine reform. St. Augustine famously wrote: 

"Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are." 

Click here to see the full results from the survey 

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind this survey was taken prior to the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report. Over 30,000 people participated. 

Some quick highlights: 
  • Catholics are paying close attention. In fact, over 75% of CV members are following the revelations “very closely” or “somewhat closely.”

  • Respondents are overwhelmingly in agreement that the McCarrick scandal is not merely a “procedural” problem. In fact, 83% said it was a sign of a deeper spiritual crisis in the Church.

  • 69% believe “homosexuality is central to the problem.”

  • Lastly, nearly 80% of respondents believe that those that knew of McCarrick’s behavior but did nothing to stop him should be removed from leadership roles in the Church.
Click here to see the full results from the survey 

We continue to read and watch the reaction among Catholics -- many of whom disagree on what should happen next. More and more Bishops are stepping forward, some courageously so, pointing to the true source of the crisis. This is a good sign. 

We are also hearing from Catholics around the country who are reporting on the courage of faithful and holy priests in parishes everywhere, preaching on the scandal, and why the Church must now act. 

Please take a look at the survey findings. Given the size of the survey, we are hopeful that every Bishop will take seriously the results. 

We’re discussing how CV can best serve the Church at this moment. 

I’d be grateful for your input. 

Brian Birch, President,

P.S. In addition to our focus on the crisis in the Church, our election team remains deeply engaged in our goal of building a pro-life majority in the United States Senate this November. In the last week, things got a lot more interesting -- in a good way. I hope to write tomorrow on that subject. 

And of course the confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh begin in 12 days…            

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