Monday, August 13, 2018

Finally, He Signs SOMETHING That Makes Sense!

Governor Phil Murphy has signed legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean to allow out-of-state workers who have suffered through a catastrophic event or natural disaster to use their professional licenses in New Jersey.
Governor Phil Murphy has signed Sen. Tom Kean’s bill to allow out-of-state workers to use their professional licenses in New Jersey. The law will help workers who have suffered through a natural disaster or catastrophic event and relocate to NJ. (
“We need to do more to attract highly-trained professionals to New Jersey. Forcing someone to reapply for a license they already have is an unnecessary barrier to employment, particularly for innovative entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed. That’s exactly the kind of worker we want to move here. Let’s not drive them away,” Senator Kean (R-21) said. “Allowing these folks to use an out-of-state license in New Jersey is a commonsense way to grow our economy, and it’s something that many other states already do. I look forward to seeing the positive impact of this legislation for years to come.”

Senator Kean’s bipartisan legislation, A-1531/S-522 will provide a streamlined reciprocity process for out-of-state professional and occupational licensing, specifically for professionals who are displaced from their home following a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. The law also clarifies that “state” includes Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and any other U.S. territory.

Under the law, those who were impacted by a natural disaster or catastrophic event after August 1, 2017, will have one year from the bill’s August 10, 2018 signing to provide the required documentation necessary to ensure the applicant’s license can be used when they relocate to New Jersey.

“We pushed for this legislation following Hurricane Maria, which was devastating for the people of Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida,” Senator Kean explained. “This law will aid these storm survivors, and all those who relocate to New Jersey to recover and rebuild their lives. We’ll never forget the generous outpouring of support we received from other states after Superstorm Sandy. Now it’s our turn. We are grateful to have qualified professionals contributing to our economy, and we’ll gladly welcome them to our beautiful state.”

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