Wednesday, August 15, 2018

We CANNOT Deny Their Pain, Suffering!

In an editorial in the National Catholic Reporter, Sherry Antonetti says that Catholics must respond quickly and forcefully to the scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report of sexual abuse by priests and coverups by Church hierarchy.
The report's findings are disgusting and abhorrent and represent a very real and justified indictment of the Church.
Here's part of what Antonetti has to say:
Having read 357 pages of the report so far, my heart howls to heaven and at the walls of my church. I want to cry, “Mountains, fall on us” for such systemic failures to protect the innocent and stop people from perpetuating evil. How pervasive is this problem, if these are only the ones we know about in New Jersey, in Pennsylvania, in Chile, in Washington, D.C., in Boston? What about the ones we don't know about? How deep is the filth? What about all the dioceses where a grand jury hasn’t done this sort of work?
Because many of the perpetrators of these acts have died, there is a temptation (a very real one), by those who fear the fallout from this report — and the fallout is coming — to tell those who react with outrage and anger, to “let it go,” because these deeds were done decades ago. I’d say, “Alas that these dark days must be ours,” knowing people had their lives destroyed by abuse and systemic covering up of that abuse, denial of the reality of their pain, and horrible seemingly endless silence of the world in response.
We can’t “let it go.”
Click here to read the full editorial. It demands your attention!

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