Thursday, August 16, 2018

Yes, It's Personal And We're Right To Be ENRAGED!

A Facebook friend writes as follows:
This is personal.

My family knew one of the N.J. priests who's been (back) in the news over the past few days. This monster baptized my brother; he was a dinner guest at our home. I know many fellow Catholics can and have shared similar stories about what now seem like "close calls" with men we trusted. We were lucky nothing ever happened. Other fellow Catholics weren't so lucky.

And why did it happen? Our Church "leaders" knowingly allowed evil to enter into our parish halls and homes. It's the biggest crisis in modern Church history.

Francis and the bishops want to focus on Donald Trump "separating families" at the border.
Maybe it's a deliberate misdirection; he and his buddies in purple and red would prefer to point fingers outward than incur scrutiny themselves for what these protected, shielded, re-shuffled clerical monsters did to families on their watch.

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