Wednesday, July 24, 2019

First The Book, And Now -- The Kuderna Podcast!

What can Yogi Berra teach you about finances?
Can Confucius be your guide to the stock market?
What insight can you draw from Robert Frost or Plato or Mark Twain?
Well, you'd be surprised. 
Bryan M. Kuderna
Enter Bryan M. Kuderna, founder of the Kuderna Financial Team.
Bryan is a Certified Financial Planner™, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow, and an Investment Adviser Representative. He holds the following professional licenses: Life and Health Insurance in multiple states, FINRA Series 7, FINRA Series 65, FINRA Series 63, and FINRA Series 6.
That's a lot of professional bric a brac.
But don't let the titles and the licenses scare you away.
Because Bryan's knows how to make wealth and finances understandable In fact, he's written a book and just started a new podcast as well -- The Kuderna Podcast
It wasn't very long ago that Bryan was a student at The College of New Jersey where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.
Bryan seems to have been a typical college student except that by applying himself early on, he appears to have gotten a jumpstart in his quest for financial freedom. 
And he has a great way of explaining it all to you which you'll discover if you listen to his podcast. 
Plus, his book is called Millennial Millionaire, A Guide to Becoming A Millionaire by 30. This guy has a passion  for smart investing and success!
If your eyes roll back into your head as soon as you begin to hear or read financial terminology, you're gonna be pleasantly surprised once you begin to peruse Bryan's concise guide. That's because it's simply written in plain language and chock full of straightforward tips on how to make money, retain it, manage it, make the most of it and be sure that it's around for your retirement sooner, rather than later. And if you think a million bucks is a staggering amount of money that will take you eons to accumulate (if at all) then you haven't acquainted yourself with Millennial Millionaire
Because in quick, easy chapters (the book is less than 150 pages) Bryan shows you how common financial instruments and practical strategies can help you reach your goals sooner than you might think.
But what about Yogi and Plato and Confucius and Mark Twain and all the rest? Where do they fit in?
Funny you should ask.
Bryan's book is peppered with entertaining and insightful observations from all of these and many others -- pithy quotes that conveniently link to the helpful points the author is making throughout. And you'll also find anecdotes in the book that will make you nod your head in recognition. Plus, there's that straightforward approach of his new podcasts!
Click here for more information about Bryan and his team.

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