Friday, July 19, 2019

Trump: Ten Things The Media Refuse To Understand!

1) Trump's base will stay with him.
It's quite clear they are unlikely to abandon him, no matter what. Besides, where else do they have to go?

2) The President has mastered social media.
Go on and disparage his tweets all you want. He continues to dominate. Like it or not, day after day, Trump is news.

3) More African-Americans support Trump than you might imagine.
You'd be surprised. Or maybe not. In any event, Trump's likely to get more votes from Blacks than any recent GOP candidate.

4) Trump has blown big media's cover.
The secret's out. He's shown them to be what they are: overwhelmingly biased and liberal.

5) Trump has substantial Hispanic support.
Many Hispanics resent others claiming American "citizenship" illegally while they worked hard to assimilate and achieve their goals. And that's only part of the story.

6) Trump has given Republicans a new will to fight.
Finally, Republicans are realizing that their old brand of "turn the other cheek" politics spells defeat. In fact, mannerly Republicanism is a form of cowardice. Now, every day, Trump shows Republicans how to fight back.

7) "Gays for Trump" is no joke.
Go on Facebook and search "gays for Trump" or "gay deplorables" or any one of a number of similar taglines. Trump has made a place for gays in the GOP.

8) Trump radicalizes Democrats to the point where they're self-defeating.
Have you spoken to any of your liberal friends lately? Trump derangement syndrome is real.

9) Asian-Americans make up a natural Trump constituency.
Identity politics is a turnoff for many. But old-fashioned values like ethnic pride, thrift, hard work and honest achievement endure. That's Trumpian!

10) Trump's whole life is a gamble -- a relentless bet on winning.
The President breaks the rules because he understands that, as an outsider, if you not willing to be a gambler and a disruptor you can't win. Because he's so unpredictable, the media can never quite figure out how to handle him.

And, just one more thing: More Jews will vote for Trump this time round than you might imagine!

These are the things the media would rather ignore -- things they either don't understand, don't want to understand or don't want you to know about President Trump and the movement he has created.
That's fine. Let them keep their eyes closed.
Just make sure yours are open!

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